Saturday, March 2, 2013

Are you okay?

I admit that when it comes to responsibilities, we don't need people to remind us, we will do the things ourselves.

When I write this entry, I'm thinking about my friend. Not so sure where she is now. She is (until now) one of my best friend when I was in secondary school. She is an orphan. In my whole life, I could remember that I did a mistake when I was in Form 1 to her. Big mistake which I really hope she will forgive me. That was not a big mistake for her, yet also a wrongdoing (dosa). As Prophet says we have to preserve the right to the orphan.

When I left secondary school and entered UIA almost 2 years, I met her via facebook. Seriously, I was so excited. From that meeting, I knew her mother has passed away. And she live with her brother. She furthered her studies in Diploma in IT. She was an outstanding student. Yet, she doesn't have chances to take degree. Alhamdulillah, Allah is the Best planner, she got job. But, now, I mean today, I didn't get any news from her. I wonder how's her situation right now. I always tell her, do contact me if anything happen or if she needs any help. I sent her few messages, but even today I didn't get any reply even once. 

Secara jujurnya, aku mengaku, aku memang risaukan dia. Aku rasa kalau sesuatu terjadi pada dia, aku tak akan dapat sebarang pesanan dari family dia sebab aku memang yakin family dia tak kenal aku. Dan sebenarnya, aku memang rasa bertanggungjawab sebagai kawan untuk buat dia senang walaupun keadaan menguji dia sedimikan rupa. Aku pernah terfikir, if aku ada duit yang banyak memang aku akan sponsor dia sambung degree. Dan bawak balik dia ke Kedah (sebab dia selalu cakap dia rindu Kedah). Kadang-kadang ujian macam ni buat kita sedar, kita bukan sorang-sorang duduk atas muka bumi ni, masih ada orang lain yang kta perlu fikir dan jaga haknya. Aku risau dan aku memang rasa bertanggungjawab kepada kawan aku ini. Ada beberapa kawan aku yang selalu cakap aku selalu sangat stress dengan masalah orang lain, entahla mana datang wording stress dalam hal macam ni, bukankah "when you do something good to other people make you feel better"?

P/s: Kawan, aku memang harap hang okay, tolong reply sms aku, atau post something di wall fb aku, atau PM aku di fb. Kalau ada masalah bagitau aku. This is what a friend for kan?? Aku sayang hang kerana Allah. :D

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