Sunday, April 20, 2014

I'm not sure in life whether we can determine our job exactly can follow our passion.
As these days, the job is quite hard to find, how can we easily match the job with our passion, our interest?
If you were me, then your job not satisfy your passion, are you still survive or choose to quit rather than suffering?
On the other hand, is it really not satisfy yours or you just been demanding?
I'm not sure if this way is fated for me or I am not really being grateful?
Life is tough, don't you think?
Now I am realized that life is not really enjoyable, I mean life is test right? The fully enjoyment is life after death if we can make good use during our lifetime, right?

I dont know, I really need someone that I can rant to, spill everything that haunted me.

I just realised, if the job can't suit you, you have to find another job that satisfy and give you full of enjoyment considering some requirement. You know what, I am telling you, you will gain fullest excitement when you serve the ummah, the society, above all, Islam. Regardless what kind of job you are doing, grab your life opportunity to contribute something (might be from your hobby or your interest) to ummah. How do you think? It make sense right?

Enough for today's rant!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Manusia ni akan sedar dan bersyukur dengan apa yang dia ada bila dia hilang.

I don't know how can I survive for another 8 months.
I just need someone to respect me just in return for my respect to them.
I just don't want to waste the great chance Allah gives just to follow my own way which I don't know either right or wrong.
I don't want the return just in term of money while I have to sacrifice some other things - contributions to ummah, to society, to Islam, my passion, my happiness, my time for good things.
List go on and I just wanna do something with the aim of Mardhatillah.

Haruskah aku meninggalkan cintaku kepada kebaikan dan cita-cita ku hanya kerana material yang boleh lesap sekelip mata dan umurku semakin berkurang??

Tuhan, PLEASE HELP ME, guide me.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Little something.

Life is just like a journey between two points. Definitely, walking from one point to another you gonna face a lot of challenges and unexpected things. I've ever met an artist, at that moment he was working on his arts. He said art is something unpredictable. So do our lives. You will face something unpredictable. One thing we should be grateful is we believe Allah is always there for us that we can always ask for help. The stumble, the hurt, the unpredictable things, and everything will surely undergone by ourselves as long as we not ditch ourselves from Allah. And how come we do so? Even life we borrow from Him.

Ya Allah berilah aku kesabaran.