Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Oh My English.

When I finished the SPM almost 7 years ago, I took English class as a preparation (if) I will be selected to enter IIUM. Having said, if you being force by something else, by hook or by crook, you've to do, you should do, sometime you will do better than what you've expected. Yes, that's true, in the class, no one allowed to speak other languages except English. We had mock acting, dialogue, story telling etceteras. No text allowed, impromptu!  Students were given 2-3 minutes just to draft a skeleton on what they are going to present. Seriously, I did damned good acting. Haha. I mean quite good. Sometime, I wondered, why everything out from my mouth quite fluent (baca: lancar...no aaaa....aaaaa.....aaaaa...hehe). I'm not saying my english is good, but yeah, better than before taking the class. After all, I guessing that because of the confidence.

Okay, after that, I entered CFS IIUM. Same thing, no one allowed to speak Malay with lecturers. English ONLY. Sometime, I wrongly spoke (unintended) Malay. What I got is, "Sorry, what did you say just now?", "Sorry, I didnt get you", "Sorry, no Malay language", "Sorry, English please, this is UIA" and many more. So, with that treatment, I could feel my English quite improve from time to time.

Finish CFS. I entered Gombak, IIUM Main Campus. English is not really compulsory, I mean we can still speak in Malay with some lecturers, except Foreign students and lecturers and some Malay lecturers. Anyway, what I'm going to say is Malay language now could still being used. I could say that time, my English dropped! This is because when we are talking about language, it's something you should practice oftentimes, daily, because vocabulary couldnt be retrieve on the dot. You should always use the vocab, that's how you can get used with the vocab when you speak to other people. English only as our main language in class. I'm also not saying this all lecturers' false, UIA mistake, big NO! I'm saying, I shouldnt stop speaking English then, even some lecturers talk to me using Malay language. My mistake!

And now, when I'm taking masters, Malay is used in class. My English, started to become worse, I think. What I'm now doing in order to improve my English is by reading, reading, reading! And sometime, talk to friends, FB writing, talk to myself, write on a piece of paper and paste on room's wall, and so on. All I did just to help myself in improving my English.

Why I have to be good in English? Long time ago, I learnt Arabic, I'm not continuously using Arabic, so, now no more Arabic in myself right now, I just can understand  a little bit when people talking. So, after hard work I'd put during studying Arabic, everything fade away. And now I won't let it comes same thing for my English. Despite, I'm now still in process of learning Arabic, again!

Anyway, this is one of my endeavor, writing a blog post in English. At very beginning, I admit, this post has grammatical errors, wrong sentence structure, wrong usage of vocabulary and some other mistakes. As stated at the first place, this is just a first-step to improve my English.

Oh, YOU Allah, from YOU I seek aids and helps. May Allah ease my way. Inshaa Allah. Ameen.

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