Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Dear Allah...

Oh Allah,
Thank you for giving me everything that I need in my live,
If not, I will die, I will be poor, I will hardly live,
That is because You are Allah the Most Compassionate.

Oh Allah,
Thanks for the hitherto love that You have showered to me,
Or else I dont know where I else I should go,
Or else, this world will be darkest to me,
That is because You Allah, the Most Merciful.

Oh Allah,
Thank you cause You keep me safe all the time,
I could feel the peace and tranquility,
That is because You Allah, the Source of Peace.

Oh Allah,
Thank you, even I did same mistakes,
Even I did not take a lesson from the past mistakes,
Even I still ongoing do the mistakes,
You are the One will forgive my wrongdoing,
This is because You Allah the Most Forgiver.

Oh Allah,
Thanks for giving me the most valuable gifts,
Islam, Iman, good health,
With that, I could use all 'em to worship and submit the entire life of me unto You,
You Allah the Ever Living.

Oh Allah,
After all, why should I ask more and forgetting You?
How dare should I do so?
Then which of the favors of your Lord will ye deny?
Astaghfirullah, forgive me ya Allah, the Most Forgiver.

Oh Allah,
Thank you for the all bounties given,
Thank you for the mistake forgiven,
I must say all the time, at every time I take a breath,

1:35 p.m.

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